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04 Jun
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "Skin" by Low Blows (Darkwave / Gothic / Alternative)
Another country that i haven't really checked out musically until now is Spain, "Skin" is the newest song from Low Blows, (their 3rd single to be precise), a spanish darkwave/gothic rock band that incorporates synthpop elements to their musical production.

The song immediately made me feel that same sensation when i first heard "Charlotte Sometimes" or "A Strange Day" from The Cure around 1988, but what stands out for me and differentiates itself from those, it's the prominent synth bassline that gives you that creepy dark tense mood and added ethereal synth sounds/melodies that are introduced very cleverly in key parts of the track.

The vocals also stand out on their own, with a unique tonality and style, only following certain aspects from that old school gothic texture from the likes of Robert Smith, Peter Murphy and even Clan of Xymox, but again, this felt more like expanding a little the style and genre not like a copy, in other words, this is a good use of musical influences intended or not.

For darkwave & gothic music listeners specially, this is a must listen and i bet some of them will become loyal followers of the band in the near future.

Conclusion: I've found that Low Blows is a spanish act that recovers (and in some ways improve) some of that "lost" gothic and organic sound (now that apparently synthwave it's getting all the attention) that The Cure made famous through albums like Pornography or even The Head on the Door, so if you're into modern darkwave with gothic rock vibes, you defintiely will enjoy "Skin", and i invite you to keep an eye on Low Blows, they definitely have something very interesting to offer to the gothic and darkwave scenes.
Low Blows

  • Darkwave
  • Gothic
  • Male Vocals
  • Haunting Mood
  • Evocative Guitars
  • Dreamy Dark Tones

    "For darkwave & gothic music listeners specially, this is a must listen and i bet some of them will become loyal followers of the band in the near future."

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