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05 Apr
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "Showgirl" by Ice Bunny (Electro Rock / Metal Synthpop / Vaporwave)
Following a recent new found trend of Swedish bands here at SYW, comes this very interesting new young artist with an all captivating dark, gritty, unpredictable sweet, sexy, vapor*punk*wave, synthpop metal fusion and ultimate contrast of art and image in one full package.

The whole music deal that young new comer Ice Bunny is offering to listeners that enjoy discovering new acts, is one that is highly valuable adding a more interesting approach by challenging established more "mainstream" musical trends integrating a combination of modern electronic styles, with classic rock/metal/punk elements that definitely resonates in itself, and get even more enhanced by her image presentation, that surely goes along perfectly with the mood of this song in particular.

As she describes herself "the daughter of Marylin Manson and Britney Spears" fits well and i would also add to that: "if a young Gwen Stefani did dark electro synth wave pop metal fusions in an alternate reality, had even better looks, an unusual aesthetic and was named Ice Bunny" should add to the main idea of what this is all about, ok joking but no joking :)

The track in itself is an interesting combination of electronic synthpop production with a fusion of metal mixed in powerful guitar arrangements that definitely standout when they are first introduced. The guitar solo was a nice highlight for me and blends nicely with the more classic sounding lead bass synth. Her vocal style is enjoyable and in occasions is reminiscent of that 80s sound that female vocalists like Cindy Lauper made so distinctive, and Bunny picks up there and works on it to make it her own.

This song has an attitude, a badass, kind of rebel one sometimes, and i felt that that definitely mirrors her connotation of being a "Basement Siren", loved the term, i kind of could picture her as one, a siren inside a panic room, pushing buttons in a console, singing new lyrics and planning her new combination of uncomfortable imagery to blend with her tunes.

Conclusion: Ice Bunny is a young independent artist that definitely loves to challenge established bubble gum "trendy" pop music culture, not only with her whole visual ideas but with very attractive musical production experiments but at the same time intelligently not alienating too far either from familiar pop structures.
Ice Bunny

  • Electro Rock
  • Metal Synthpop
  • Female Vocals
  • Dark Punk Vaporwave
  • Captivating Style Contrast
  • Interesting Dark Image

    "Ice Bunny an independent artist that loves to challenge established bubble gum "trendy" pop music culture, with attractive musical experiments & intelligently not alienating too far from familiar pop structures"

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