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25 Mar
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "Darling" by Heartracer (Synthwave / Retrowave))
U.S. New Wave/Synthwave act Heartracer is one of those bands that instantly catch my attention, the immediate high quality of the first listening it's just undeniable.

This was the case with the lovely "Darling" a synthwave song with obviously 80's electro organic heavy elements, it's what I call a song full of emotion that can make your heart race trough nostalgic moments no pun intended! *the feels bro*!

Apart from the great music production, the very polished arrangement and sweet interesting variations throughout the whole track, this one tune has one of the best lead and background vocals I've had the opportunity to listen to in recent months, the tones, the texture the groove all are present here.

In regards to the other elements, the guitar melodies, and their texture are reminiscent of classic sophisti-pop from the U.K. and very cleverly mashed with retrowave synth parts, this should be an instant modern hit!

The single is accompanied by a very elegant high quality video that goes perfectly with the mood of it, you can watch it here:

Conclusion: Heartracer deserve a lot of attention, they are very skilled in composing amazing songs that overjoy with emotion, super catchy melodies and outstanding music production, please add them to your music collection as fast as you can!

  • Synthwave
  • Male Vocals
  • on fire Outstanding Production
  • Excellent Vocals
  • Super Catchy

    "this one tune has one of the best lead and background vocals I've had the opportunity to listen to in recent months"

    You can connect and find out more about Heartracer in the following links:

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