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19 Feb
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "Ashes" by Divine Shade (Industrial / Darkwave)
It's always refreshing to discover new bands that surprise by their high-quality production, and in my personal taste when the styles are something close to industrial or EBM techniques that really grab my attention, I surely become a fan.

This is what happened to me after listening to the track 'Ashes' by the french industrial rock/coldwave band Divine Shade; they've been releasing an EP 'In The Dust' in the form of a short film split into 4 music videos, this is the 3rd, and it's, in fact, a great song with an amazing music production.

The song is filled with an industrial mood, a powerful tone in general and dark uptempo animosity; all ensembled in a classic electronic and strong drumbeat that immerses you in a tense dramatic frenzy. The guitar melodies are introduced nicely and are a great contrast to the overall flavor of the electro oriented landscape. The synths are dark, very balanced and some sounds blend extremely well and introduced at the right moments, sometimes leaving a sense of mystery behind.

The vocals are one of the strongest points in this one and I will point out that the chorus is composed stupendously, reaching an obscure & very catchy vibe.

Also very worth mentioning is the video for the song, it's very stylistic with great action and great cinematography and since this was very well planned to be an integral part of the EP, please don't forget to give it a watch here:

Conclusion: Divine Shade is a very interesting act to follow, they definitely deliver great top quality productions in their own style, and have a great sense of composition and production in electronic music, especially recommended for industrial/darkwave/EBM fans!
Divine Shade

  • Industrial Rock
  • Darkwave
  • Male Vocals
  • on fire Great Production
  • Amazing Chorus
  • Powerful Dark Tones
  • Strong Arrangement

    "The vocals are one of the strongest points in this one and I will point out that the chorus is composed stupendously"

    You can connect and find out more about Divine Shade in the following links:

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