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15 Apr
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "The Swans" by Dust Of Us. (Indie Electro / Alternative / Synthpop)
In my journey of discovering new electronic music and derivatives styles of synthpop / new wave, i stumbled upon the indie electronic band Dust Of Us from Australia.

Their first song called "The Swans" is a remarkable musical piece, that evokes a magical landscape and a serenity that is hard to find in this types of tracks.

The word i'll use to describe this track better is "magical", i can try and say that it's the combination of the polished vocals and the remarkable use of the instrumentation: a blend of organic instruments with synth arrangements and a perfectly tweaked drum track, and of course, the chords selected and timed progression, but i feel that i would only underrate the true potential of the track, you just have to listen to it for yourself to see if i'm making a little sense.

In the meantime i'll say this: if you like a nice blend of organic instruments, specially melodic guitars and synths within an indie style and a kind of contemplative / serene mood, you should be listening to Dust Of Us right now, and please wait for the end of the song, the build up to it its really really good, but the end is the highlight for me.

Conclusion: This song has that kind of magic that embraces you and keeps you pushing the repeat/back button several times, quite like if it was hiding something, but you don't really know what it is, at least that's what it did for me, trying to find what is the "secret" ingredient that makes this song special, and, yep, i'm still trying to find it out...
Dust Of Us

"The Swans"
  • Indie Electronic
  • Male Vocals
  • Innovative
  • Alternative Synthpop
  • remarkable production Remarkable Style Production

    "This song has that kind of magic that embraces you and keeps you pushing the repeat/back button several times"

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    Alex Ezert. Music Producer
    Alex Ezert
    Webmaster, Social Media Manager, Electronic Music Producer for 25+ years

    Sometimes he writes about music, he's very passionate about new electronic synthpop & derivatives, he's been listening/producing/mixing/remixing/composing/mastering/
    promoting/curating/eating/sleeping/dreaming music since the dinosaurs dissapeared and in another life when he was a cat (a synth warrior cat).


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