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20 Apr
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "Disco Tonic" by Nik Alevizos (Deep House / (Nu) Disco/ Instrumental)
As much as i love synthpop music, i also enjoy some of the other "brother" or more correctly said "derivative" styles to it like house, and recently one track caught my attention, "Disco Tonic" by musician and producer Nik Alevizos.

This is a perfectly tweaked track in a lot of aspects for me, it has a nudisco / deep house vibe to it, as the artist properly labeled it, but for me it's a perfect example of a house / dance ambient almost instrumental track, and definitely has a progressive structure at its core.

The track immediately pumps you up with a cool party mood and at the same time somewhat relaxing feeling, and yes, this is a very obvious candidate for being an opening tune at any festival at Ibiza, or at least at your perfect summer event at your favourite beach; it really is that catchy and sets up an exciting sensation for a perfect & fun  voyage at the sea onboard a Rave themed yacht.

It won't surprise me if Nik eventually becomes a very known dj producer like Tiesto or similar, he knows how to arrange and compose sonic build ups and catchy synth melodies and basslines. The drums production and overall sound feels perfectly glued to a point where it does sound very natural to this genre, in other words "he got it", he knows the formula, manipulates it and improves on it.

Conclusion: Nik is very skilled at producing electronic music and his direction to the house music scene screams of success potential, no kidding. If you enjoy, house, deep house, progressive house, trance and even some edm, you should not pass this up, i guarantee you'll love this track and will put you in a great mood and ready for your next summer vacation:)

I'll embed a nice promo video for the track to inspire you even more:
Nik Alevizos

"Disco Tonic"
  • Deep Funky House
  • Instrumental
  • Nudisco
  • on fire Great Production
  • Uplifting Mood

    "Nik is very skilled at producing electronic music and his direction to the house music scene screams of success potential, no kidding"

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    Alex Ezert. Music Producer
    Alex Ezert
    Webmaster, Social Media Manager, Electronic Music Producer for 25+ years

    Sometimes he writes about music, he's very passionate about new electronic synthpop & derivatives, he's been listening/producing/mixing/remixing/composing/mastering/
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