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22 Mar
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "Wheels of Avandaro" by Alex Jaguar (Shoegaze / Dreamwave / IndiePop)
Mexico is full of hidden gems in the realm of electronic music and its derivative styles & such is the case of independent songwriter Alex Jaguar, an Indie Pop / Dreampop / New Wave artist from Monterrey, N.L.

The track "Wheels of Avandaro" featuring the beautiful vocals of Isela Salas and production by Israel Zacarías, is a tribute to the old days of psychedelic music festivals back in the 70s (as the artist himself describes it) and does a pretty good job at it (even when i wasn't lucky enough to live those events); he describes "a bittersweet moment" inspiring the song, and i definitely felt that.

I also liked the relaxing feeling of the track too, and the PRE chorus is the best part that talked to me more, the synth chords and production of the sounds at those parts communicate deep emotion and that "Indie Synth" pop feel all the way. It does have a "Foster the People" influence but it uses it to its advantage.

The chorus also shines with that nostalgic bittersweet vibe that manages to keep you hooked through the entire piece. Loved the way the F** word gets throwed out there in a so so unapologetic ironic kind of mood.

While the artist made it very specific about the message of the song (in his more detailed description) i felt that it does so in a very natural way and zero pretentious intention and that's why the track works at connecting with our imagination.

Conclusion: I'll keep an eye on what Alex releases next, is definitely an artist worth listening to and worth digging out from all the underground acts out there in Mexico. (I'll not lie, it also motivates me since we live in the same city/country :)
Alex Jaguar

"Wheels of Avandaro"
  • Modern Synthpop
  • Male Vocals
  • Ebm

    "the message of the song i felt that it does so in a very natural way and zero pretentious intention and that's why the track works at connecting with our imagination."

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    Alex Ezert. Music Producer
    Alex Ezert
    Webmaster, Social Media Manager, Electronic Music Producer for 25+ years

    Sometimes he writes about music, he's very passionate about new electronic synthpop & derivatives, he's been listening/producing/mixing/remixing/composing/mastering/
    promoting/curating/eating/sleeping/dreaming music since the dinosaurs dissapeared and in another life when he was a cat (a synth warrior cat).


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