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19 Mar
NEW TRACK SPOTLIGHT: "All My days" by Appetite 85 (New Wave / Synthpop)
Here's the latest track from ASCAP & ISC awarded independent artist Chris Bihuniak (from Panama), with an impressive backlog of 15 studio albums produced and experience recording since 1984.

The overall feeling from this song reminded me of being at midnight in my favourite club.

The synth chords blend perfectly with the electronic somewhat retro synth disquesque production, this is one of those tracks that has a retro influence and manages to breath fresh air on its own.

The guitar arrangements/solo at the mid section are a must hear and are the perfect combination to the synth driven production overall.

The vocals and specially the chorus were the best parts for me since they transmit a good fun mood (even if you were in a bad day, trust me).

There's a really nice and fun video that for me does the job perfectly to communicate the sensation of the whole track, (and Ultron appears in it and me being a marvel fanboy in the good sense, gave me a great mood and representation of the song).

In fact i'll embed it below:

Conclusion: Chris Bihuniak knows his stuff, and has the skills to produce a song that gives you a great mood with a retro synth 80s production and strange cartoon videos where Ultron dances with a blonde woman and plays the guitar & synth!
Appetite 85

"All My days"
  • New Wave
  • Synth Pop
  • Male Vocals
  • on fire Great Mood
  • Modern Retro Sound

    "The overall feeling from this song reminded me of being at midnight in my favourite club."

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