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Track Feature:
"Criminal" by Zeon  Zeon
  • Label: Zero Factor
  • Music by: ZEON & ALEX VAZCO
  • Lyrics by: ZEON
  • Vocals by: Zeon
  • Produced by: Zeon & Alex Vazco
  • Mixed by: Alex Vazco
  • Mastered by: ALEX VAZCO
  • Additional Credits:
    Artwork Cover shot by: Alberto Limón
  • Audio Production Technique: In The Box
  • DAWs used:
    Studio OneStudio One
  • Plugin Brands used:
    Native InstrumentsNative Instruments
    Slate DigitalSlate Digital
    Xfer RecordsXfer Records
  • Synth/Controller/Sampler Brands used:
    Roland CorporationRoland Corporation
  • Most used synth model : Boutique Boutique
  • Recording Date: 2018-09-07
  • Recording Location: Mexico City
Release Date: 28-06-2019

Track Popularity: NEW


"Coming from a not so low profile background in the music world, working with the likes of Lady Gaga, Brooke Candy, JoJo, Icon For Hire, La Lupita, Reik to name a few, here we proudly feature the debut single "Criminal" from Zeon, a super powerful industrial fueled track with a tight/dense and ultra quality audio production. The song packs an impressive dose of sonic energy and chooses to lean towards an aggro-tech style direction feeling like a very close cousin of the amazing act Imperative Reaction. The drums are punchy and gritty enough to boom the hell out of a hardcore gothic nightclub, the synth heavy & edgy layers, dark but uplifting melodies, very carefully crafted vocals & the message the lyrics try to convey are capable of transforming your casual apathy to a fully energized 'get the hell out of my way' moment. This song is badass, period. The song's midsection is also a great turnaround direction that feels like a misterious deeper instrospective to finally explode back at you with its massive energy and dark pop effective structure. Zeon is a very promising dark uplifiting electronic act that you shouldn't miss."

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 14-June-2019





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
When developing my sound, I noticed right away that I was only being truly inspired when writing to dark-sounding melodies. Edgy synths and crunchy drums were the most appealing every time, no matter what track I was working on. As a Pop lover myself, at first, I was unsure of what the outcome would be…or if it would even be Pop at all. I shortly realized that there’s no reason to be scared of that darkness–the complete opposite. I needed to embrace it: sonically and lyrically. This is exactly what needed to be done to bring my message out.

Playing around with different melodies, I started hearing this shaker sound in my head that right away gave shape to the whole song. I put that percussion under the lead and I couldn’t stop working on the track after that–it dictated its energetic progression. The song felt very empowering, even with its dark undertones and minor scale. And then it all clicked.

“Criminal” is an uplifting, synth-heavy song that is about facing your darkest times and your biggest struggles. Pushing through all obstacles no matter what, both the ones people and life throw at you, as well as the ones you throw at yourself.

“You can’t be this, you can’t achieve that. You can’t be great.” If conforming to what the voices say is law, then you’re gonna call me a Criminal, because I reject that, owning my best and my worst, and you’re not gonna stop me when I’m in the zone.

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