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"In Vertigo" by Tyton Project  Tyton Project
Release Date: 09-06-2019

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"Tyton Project is one of those hidden underground new electronic music bands that is just extraordinary, in this review we chose to feature 'In Vertigo' an outstanding modern synthpop song that it's almost perfectly produced. What is very captivating about Tyton Project is definitely a combination of superb vocal work, modern synth melodies and a phenomenal tonal balance that is elevated with a very polished mixing and top notch music production. Ìn Vertigo' has interesting variations that gives the song a strong character that deliver an interesting musical journey with a versatile mood. It can be said that the song embodies a passionate life drama that enlightens itself further with a deep and smooth vocal execution and that refined & sophisticated synthpop sound that makes you want MORE (like Kylo Ren, ok no, silly joke but you get the idea). This guys definitely are no begginers, they know exactly what they are doing, their respective skills and put the effort needed to consolidate their talents in an amazing work of art. You must give a try to Tyton Project, believe us, you'll enjoy the heck out of their music, it's really that great. We also made an extended review for another of their songs a couple months ago too, you can check it out here: "Northern Lights" Extended Review at the Synthzone Spotlight. "

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 20-September-2019





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
this is a reflective track that started out with one meaning and ended with another. it is one of those magic moment tracks where you sit down to write something and things take an unexpected turn. there was a lot of exploration that went on with this song. structurally it changed many times before morphing into what it is now. it is also the first track of ours that features both jonah and josh singing lead. the bridge in this song is particularly interesting because the song takes a major turn from the flow and vibe and begins to get a bit angsty and rocky. we really enjoyed making this song.


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