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"Devoted" by Disrupted Being  Disrupted Being
Release Date: 29-01-2021

Track Popularity: NEW


"It's not very often we find Danish Synthpop, not because there isn't any, more because it needs more exposure, Town and Tower Records is precisely helping in that regard, releasing the first single from Disrupted Being, an electronic modern synthpop duo from Copenhagen; and oh man this is high quality synthpop no doubt about that.

The selected track for promotion 'Devoted' is the perfect kick off for finding engaging new fans of the genre, the song starts as a fast thrilling ride from the start, the atmosphere and animosity is immediately engaging, and a lot of the overall 'in your face' music production and mixing is what gies this song a lot of sonic appeal.

The dry and powerful beat is the perfect driving force and embodies a sense of enjoyable pressure that is felt during the whole track; also the music arrangement and structure feels very natural and dynamic and make the track feel very diverse at the same time that it maintains an elegant cohesion through it.

The vocals are also a strong and attractive point, the style of mixing/efx are extremely well balanced for this more modern sonic template the song was built upon. Worth mentioning are the synth nuances that pop up in specific parts, specially the 'cosmic' sounding ones you'll recognize what we're talking about when you listen to them.

Synthpop devotees specially modern synthpop ones, that are very familiar to the sounds of Beborn Beton, De/vision and other similar pioneers of the modernized synthpop genre/style, will find Disrupted Being as a great addition to their favorite electronic music collection!"

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 10-March-2021





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
Disrupted Being is a Danish synthpop band, based in Copenhagen. The members are Morten Kristensen (at the right) and Peter Wammen (at the left). They met back in 1988 in the local train, sitting opposite each other. Suddenly, Morten spotted a Depeche Mode badge on Peter’s coat. That got the talking started, and soon they became friends due to the shared love of New Wave and synthpop music, and the fact that both had recently acquired synths. They have a deep love for both new and vintage analogue synths, but they also embrace all other sound-generating devices (electronic or not). Many fans of 80’s synth music will recognize inspiration in their music from both Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Simple Minds and Ultravox. In fact, one of Morten’s newly acquired synths is the ARP Odyssey, also known as a favorite of Ultravox’s Billy Currie. Peter’s and Morten’s music project has been ongoing since they met, but life happens, and they have been doing a lot of different things privately and professionally that somehow blocked or stalled their musical ambitions. However, Morten played in another Danish synthpop band called deZeption and has an ongoing, yet quiet at the moment joint-venture project called Globe World Receiver with Jesper Siberg from pioneering Danish-based synth band Scatterbrain. Morten actually played alongside the remaining members of Scatterbrain in the Tribute 2012 concert in central Copenhagen. Now, Peter and Morten are back for real – as Disrupted Being. Reunited, revitalized and reborn. Their desire is to feed your mind and move your feet with a blend of old school synth and new romantic synth-based music with a contemporary feel and an undefinable, undeniable Disrupted Being twist.





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