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"Escort" by 12Limbs  12Limbs


Release Date: 02-09-2022

Track Popularity: NEW


"Russian indie-rock/electro band 12 Limbs recently released their latest single "Escort" which consists of 2 EDM oriented remixes(and their exclusive short edits) and the official single version of the track; we can firmly state that the music production is high-quality, well achieved and overall exciting to listen to, the main track is elegant and catchy and has that electropop flavor with some scents of disco that embraces you at a night club, the remixes also enhance the already exhilarating experience and are solid enough to be part of any DJ arsenal. Other aspects that shine are the smooth-produced vocals which sometimes remind of a mix between David Bowie & The Psychodelic Furs and the synth layers and beat play smoothly together like an alternate version of The Pet Shop Boys, but to be clear, 12Limbs (if influenced by these artists) shine on their own creativity and personality. Follow 12Limbs to keep listening to more new Russian indie music with character!"

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Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 08-November-2022





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