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"Dancing In The Shadows" by Tom Hamstrom  Tom Hamstrom
  • Label: Independent
  • Music by: Tom hamstrom, jonas karlsson
  • Lyrics by: tom hamstrom, jonas karsson
  • Vocals by: tom hamstrom
  • Produced by: tomas granlind
  • Mixed by: tomas granlind
  • Mastered by: tomas granlind
  • Audio Production Technique: In The Box
  • Recording Date: 2022-04-19
  • Recording Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Release Date: 30-04-2023

Track Popularity: NEW


"American synthwave artist Tom Hamstrom, just released his single "Dancing in the Shadows" and we can begin by saying it is a gorgeous and delightful listening experience, this track exhilarates with a modern synthwave production that embraces you with high-quality sounds and melodies.

The track heavily features a classic electronic sound from a classic electronic era but also adds a more modern balance with an updated synthwave fusion that results in a clean, immersive, and delightfully elegant melodic journey.

Music production shines all over the track, achieving a perfect balance between early synthpop and new wave 80's drum sounds, contagious rhythm, and that exquisite old-school atmosphere we all love that takes us to cinematic settings of your favorite teen dramas and exciting thrillers (like The Lost Boys).

This is one of the best vocals we have heard recently, with a distinctive texture, impressive range, and edgy personality difficult to forget, ultimately offering a powerful driving musical and vocal impression.

You can watch the official video below, which offers a suitable and on-point cinematic production that unquestionably does justice to the whole atmosphere of the track!:


Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 20-October-2023





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
Tom Hamstrom’s new single “Dancing in the Shadows” is an electronic dance/pop song with strong 80s influences and a synthwave inspired touch. It’s an energetic and uplifting song combined with storytelling lyrics of darker desires. The song is released together with a cinematic horror/comedy “short movie/music video” inspired by the 1980s legendary music videos and blockbusters. Tom is a 29 year old Swedish pop artist who has sung and breathed music from early childhood. Born and raised in Sweden’s second largest city ”Gothenburg” he started out as a classic rock musician. After some time of music studies in London, he changed course entirely and started writing pop music mostly inspired from the 70’s and 80’s. In 2021 he released his first two singles ”Rock the Dancefloor” and ”Calling for her Time”. Both tracks have a distinct 80’s retro sound mixed with modern pop.

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