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Track Feature:
"High" by Thorisson  Thorisson
  • Label: Independent
  • Music by: borgar thorisson, robert rafnarsson
  • Lyrics by: elina pukite
  • Vocals by: elina pukite
  • Produced by: borgar thorisson
  • Mixed by: borgar thorisson
  • Mastered by: borgar thorisson
  • Additional Credits:
    guitar: pim van rhijn
  • Audio Production Technique: Hybrid (Some digital / Some analog)
  • DAWs used:
    Pro ToolsPro Tools
  • Plugin Brands used:
    Xfer RecordsXfer Records
  • Synth/Controller/Sampler Brands used:
    Roland CorporationRoland Corporation
  • Most used synth model : D-05 D-05
  • Recording Date: 2019-07-01
  • Recording Location: southampton, england
Release Date: 25-07-2019

Track Popularity: NEW


"Icelandic music producer Thorisson recenlty released the single ´High´, the song follows a popular trend of rising synthwave influenced music but leaning towards a more electro pop sound, this piece shines with a classic retro flavour and fully benefits with the sweet, energetic and uplifting female vocals, that transport you to an 80´s culture pop ambience, this track easily could be part of the soundtrack to the original Karate Kid film indeed. In terms of the musical production Thorisson takes his time to master the better parts of the ´bubble gum´electronic music productions of the 80´s and personalizes it with a more contemporary EDM technique, the retro bass, synths and drums are clean and polished and the final presentation is a great balance between high and low end frequencies that give the perception of a really tight and very nicely glued overall pleasant sound. The mood of the track is one of it strongest points, it definitely went for the full ´summer vibes´ hot theme and animosity. It's a very catchy super fun song that can influence in a good way everytime you listen to it. Thorisson knows how to produce very catchy high quality synthwave influenced edm/electropop music, that's without a doubt, we invite you to add his music to your collection & have a lot of good vibes with his relaxing fun sunny music."

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 01-September-2019





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
i was listening to simple minds a lot when we started writing 'high', which would probably explain the breakfast club vibes it gives off. i kind of forgot about it for a few months - most of the music was written last year - until i had a gig with elina. we were planning on making it into a cover song (don't remember which one but i think it was something from the '90s) but she decided to write these lyrics instead and 'high' was born.
i'm lucky enough to have a bunch of great recording equipment like the la-2a and some stuff from neve available through my university (solent) so we took full advantage of that.

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