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Track Feature:
"Muse" by Klangwelt  Klangwelt
  • Label: Spheric Music
  • Music by: Klangwelt (Gerald Arend)
  • Produced by: Gerald Arend
  • Mixed by: Gerald Arend
  • Mastered by: Gerald Arend
  • Audio Production Technique: In The Box
  • DAWs used:
    Ableton LiveAbleton Live
  • Plugin Brands used:
    Plugin AlliancePlugin Alliance
    Rob PapenRob Papen
  • Recording Date: 2022-05-28
  • Recording Location: Ohrwerk Audio, Norderstedt, Germany
Release Date: 21-10-2022

Track Popularity: NEW


"German music producer Klangwelt just released his album 'Here and Why' which includes "Muse" and the one we are reviewing in this feature, in its most essence the track is like a homage to a modern version of new age world music with electronic layers that ensemble as a cinematic soundtrack, which should be no surprise when you learn about the artist's long career and experience since at least 2002, he also dedicates his music skills to the videogame industry and it really shows beautifully in this record.

Just to make it clear that we don't usually review instrumental music, but we have our exceptions when the art deserves it, and one definite aspect of this track is the amazing blend of perceived influences, like you can sometimes perceive some simple minds/u2 and similar new wave melodies but we can't assume the artist did that on purpose, he just mentions the influence of European electronic music in general, and Tangerine Dream is probably more accurate regarding this, also worth noting is the guitar work that is sometimes reminiscent of U2's The Edge style but also imprints its own character; it seems like Klangwelt knows precisely how to balance these elements of influence to convey a new presentation and a more unique one too.

One of the key elements is the atmosphere, in this kind of long instrumental track, it's crucial to keep the listener interested and that is by means of implementing exciting dynamics, in the arrangement and in the instrument layers themselves and Klangwelt does this masterfully in this tune. The vocals in this one are as ethereal as they can get and immersive as the most gorgeous landscape you can frame, well, the whole track is just like that to be clearer.

Listening to the other tracks in the album it's very clear that he is a very skilled music producer and his stronger creativity lies in soundtrack-oriented music, even though that may seem pretty obvious we needed to highlight this fact, and invite the reader to give a more profound listening session to the whole album and some of his other works, and to be clear this album is not only new age, has a lot of electronic styles mixed here and there, probably something like neo electronic new age fits its style description or simply electronic crossover music as the artists self describes it.

Listen to Klangwelt especially if you love instrumental music that talks to you in dreamy soundscapes you can escape to."

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 31-October-2022





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
I composed and produced this track with the music of Yello and Boris blank in my mind - with some punchy bass and drums, rich sound effects and a plethora of different sounds. "muse" combines synth sounds from a large number of very different software-synths; digital sounding VSTs like Thorn or orchestral sounds from SPitfire's BBC Orchestra and GForce's Mellotron plus. In addition, there are lots of tracks with Synths from Rob Papen plus A little Synthmaster and Korg M1 with one of it's famous choir sounds. the emotional core for me is the stunning ethereal singing. This was done by pitch shifting vocal jazz phrases and adding some very special treatment (a personal secret...) to create this "out of this world" vintage sound. aND LASt, but not least, REVERB HELPS TO BRING OUT THE ETHEREAL QUALITIES of the song, which in my case is Valhalla VintageVerb and RoomVerb, among some other Reverb and Echo effects.

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