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Track Feature:
"Getcha Groove On" by Dronefighter  Dronefighter
  • Label: alterion records
  • Music by: Andre loog, Laur lindmäe
  • Lyrics by: Laur Lindmäe
  • Vocals by: laur lindmäe
  • Produced by: andre loog, laur lindmäe
  • Mixed by: andre loog
  • Mastered by: andre loog
  • Audio Production Technique: Hybrid (Some digital / Some analog)
  • DAWs used:
    Logic ProLogic Pro
  • Plugin Brands used:
  • Synth/Controller/Sampler Brands used:
  • Most used synth model : micro Korg micro Korg
  • Recording Date: 2019-01-13
  • Recording Location: tallinn, estonia
Release Date: 02-07-2019

Track Popularity: NEW


"Dronefighter delights us with their most recent release, the pumped up and pleasantly groovy song, (and very spot on titled): 'Getcha groove on'. Filled with a very entertaining vibe, the song shines on with its uplifting melodies and some disco oriented elements, like the beats, but what really stands out is the bassline; the performance feels very natural, creative and obviously groovy, and has a funky element that is so contagious of a joyful feeling that makes you want to dance to it. The overall music production is very neat and top quality, it also has that element of sensation of a more modern era. The vocals are very expressive and their general tone is amazing, the very catchy chorus goes exponentially melodious when both the vocals and bass go on together. Dronefighter is a very versatile act that knows how to blend diverse elements from different electronic styles in a very attractive way. This track is also a perfect selection for a party night or a really cool fun night at an alternative dance club. We commend you to add Dronefighter to your usual music collection, you'll discover it was a great addition."

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 21-July-2019





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
I remember that the track was pretty much made in one sitting.
We were hanging out in the studio and Andre was just fiddling around with the synths, soon enough I was grooving with the bass and had a vocal melody going in my head.
We recorded everything and agreed that we would keep this track as simple as possible, that is a totally different approach from the usual, as we usually like to go over the top with the synths. we are both from Pärnu (summer capital of Estonia) and now living in Tallinn,
I guess that the song merges the longing for summer, Pärnu beach and the music and aesthetics of 80s Miami Beach quite well, for me at least ;)

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