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"Lemons" by Dot.s  Dot.s
Release Date: 27-06-2019

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"'Lemons' is a fascinating song percolating a glamorous indie pop essence but ultimately making a perfected fusion between a classic synthpop / electropop production and a more indie electronic oriented instrumentation. The groove is very enjoyable and sometimes a trip back to a 70's club aroma can be slightly perceived, the song gets stronger towards the end wich introduces more synth layers and a more dense sound in general, but relying always in a fresh melody that mantains the track in a pleasant catchy humor. The high vocals contribute a lot too to the fun relaxing mood and the story the lyrics are trying to tell, and at the end, they are the main element that give that indie and soul feel to the production. In resume, Dot.s achieve that retro feel with its uncompromised classic synths and melodies and soulful playful vocal style.You'll feel refreshed dancing to Dot.s!"

Synthpop Your World Staff
by Synthpop Your World on 29-May-2019





INSIDE THE TRACK: [artist's commentary]
if i remember correctly, the main synth line was recorded with a moog sub phatty for the low end and then we doubled that with a really short resonant sound on a juno 106.
when recording low-end heavy stuff like kick drums or sub synths it helps a lot to have a "beater" to add high frequencies and give it a little clarity.
the juno is really perfect for adding a little resonance to anything. for the organs we used a roland rs-09.
it only really makes organ and string sounds, but it does those two things really well.
I really like them.
for percussion, we used a roland cr-78 drum machine and added live drums ontop of that, along with a bunch of other knick knacks like tambourine/shakers/cowbells.
I think a xylophone's in there too. no matter the instrument's primary function, we try to treat it as a percussive instrument.


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